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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mountains and Birthdays

On Sunday, I took a trek to the mountains in Maryland to visit a friend of mine who was visitng the area. We met up at her sister Mary's house. Mary has an absolutely gorgeous view from her front porch looking out towards Hagerstown, MD Since several of us had birthdays in May and June, we decided to all get together to hang out and have a cookout. I can't think of a better location for a cookout - the view and the weather were perfect!

The views from Mary's front yard are magnificent! It was a bit hazy, but I could still see some far off mountains. On a clear day, she can see mountains in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia from her front porch.

Two doors down from her are some llamas, miniature horses, a draft horse, some Jacob Sheep, and a couple of peacocks.

(The draft horse is hidden on the right side of these two photos above, so you'll have to click on the photos so you can catch a glimpse of him - he's HUGE! I believe you can see one of the sheep underneath him in the first photo)

Across the road, there was a very sweet cow that loved to be pet. The brindle faced darling followed me along the fence line, just like a dog would! I had a hard time getting a good front view. This cow was definitely a sucker for attention! What a sweetie!

Next to the cow's pasture was a mimosa tree. I've seen them before, but never really knew what they were. I love the blossoms - very intriguing!

The sunset views from Mary's front porch were awesome! Each time the sun shifted positions behind the clouds, we got a fresh and magnificent display of lights and colors. These photos don't even come close to the beauty we saw first hand! These show the progression of the sunset...be sure to click on each photo for a better view - especially the final one as the colors aren't really evident in the small rendering.


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