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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yarn Tasting!

This past Sunday was another "Yarn Tasting" at Nature's Yarns. It's a fabulous way to "try out" a yarn without committing to the purchase of an entire ball. There are snacks as well - always a welcome addition! Getting a discount on the featured yarns is an added bonus!

This month, there were mini-skeins of 6 different yarns:
Eco Ull (wool)
Simply Shetland Lamb and Cashmere
Simply Shetland Silk and Lambswool
Flamenco (fancy glittery yarn of viscose and polyester)
Ulteppegarn (wool)
Scala (polyester ribbon yarn)

It's a lot of fun chatting with the other "fiber enthusiasts" and comparing notes on what we think about the various yarns while we "test drive" the fibers. All of my "swatches" were small....I think I spent too much time chatting!

I can't wait until next month...the featured yarn will be "Tilli Tomas"!

Oh...just before the "yarn tasting", I took a quick photo of Amy trying on the sweater that Kathleen made as a gift for her birthday. The ends haven't been tucked in yet as this was the "final fitting" and if adjustments were needed, the yarn was ready and waiting. Kathleen did a fabulous job knitting and constucting this sweater....and Amy looks fabulous wearing it. It's a perfect fit!


  • At 9:31 AM, Blogger K said…

    Ooh. I'm so envious of these yarn-tastings... such a fabulous way to try things out without having to dive into a full skein.

    Plus, I imagine it works out fantastic for the yarn shop, in the long run. =D

    People around here won't experiment, and stick to the same three yarns and four patterns for their entire knitting lives. Boo.


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