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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Much Awaited Dyeing Results - Goldenrod

I finally managed to dye some roving with the goldenrod dye I made at the end of August. I dyed 40 grams of Rambouillet roving using primarily the Hopi instructions.

I boiled the wool for about 2 hrs. in the pot using a mordant of alum. I "measured" two handfuls...just as the book instructed. This produced a canary yellow color.

Then, I shaved some ivory soap into boiling water and added the roving to that pot for a few minutes. This produced a more golden yellow.

Here, you can see a small piece of roving without the ivory (the brighter yellow) and the result after submerging in Ivory (the deeper golden color). Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a small sample of the roving BEFORE I submerged it in the soapy water - that's why there's such a SMALL piece for comparison.

The final color "resting" in it's clear rinse water.

My next dyeing experiment (when I find the time) will be "Dyeing with Walnuts".


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