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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Walnuts Galore!

Labor Day Weekend was a fabulous fiber-filled weekend for me. Full of fiber adventures, knitting with friends, and receiving a load of "very special" walnuts. More on the walnuts in a bit.

On Saturday, Pamela finished an absolutely gorgeous sweater - she's ALWAYS finishing a project. I don't know where she gets the time! Her projects are always very elegant - and this one is no exception. (I'm still trying to figure out how I can get her to adopt me....)

On Sunday, Pamela showed up with yet ANOTHER nearly complete sweater - all she had left to do was tuck in the ends and sew on the button. She finished it as we chatted over lunch and coffee. Her sweater is from the "Just Our Yarn" kit that she bought on Wednesday....yes, just 4 days prior! And she's already done! Pamela graciously modeled her sweater when it was done - it's a perfect fit! Now I'm definitely green with envy! I've only had time to "fondle" my purchases...and I've yet to put a needle to the yarn!

Catherine, a prolific lace knitter, is working on a gorgeous large lace project all in ecru. Her only regret is that perhaps she should have opted for a center pattern instead of the garter stitch. She's finding that all the garter stitch in a sea of all white yarn doesn't make for very interesting knitting. On the up side, though, it's easy to chat and knit since there's no pattern to worry about!

Elizabeth has a "sweater-in-progress" as well - she graciously modeled it while we assessed whether or not she'd reached the armholes or not. It's not quite as far along as Pamela's but it is right at the arm holes - ready to be joined and knit in the round. Click on the photo for a closer look at the lovely pattern and the lustrous sheen of her WIP. Knowing Elizabeth, this will be done in no time as well. (I haven't checked her blog in a week and a half, so it may even already be complete!)

Now for the very "special" walnuts. I've been wanting to try dyeing with walnuts - they produce a very rich, light-fast brown. Elizabeth, being the fabulous friend that she is, mentioned that she has many in her back yard and she could collect some to get me started on my dyeing quest.

I've never seen so many walnuts! And oh, my are they heavy! Two full trays of wonderful goodness - great for dyeing (outer shells) and great for eating (inner nut meats). The reason these are "special walnuts" is that they were ALL "fetched" by her Dachshund, "Red". "Red" just loves retrieving tennis balls, and he's decided that "fetching" walnuts is just as fulfilling! ("Whipper", her other dachshund, was content to act as "supervisor".) I feel honored to be the beneficiary of Red's retrieval skills. What a fabulous dog! Now if only she could train him to knit...

(You can check "Red" out here on her blog in the August 30th post: Red)


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