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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary Sons of Norway Lodge 3-428!

Yesterday was our Sons of Norway Annual Lodge Picnic. This year, it was a very special picnic as we were celebrating 65 years as a lodge! How cool is that! The picnic was held at our Norwegian Cultural Center in Fairfax, VA. This cake (made by Pat DeRoche) was the perfect dessert for the celebration - isn't it gorgeous? It was YUMMY too - chocolate...mmmmmm! Great job Pat!

Knitting progress....yes, there has been some! I've completed the heel flap on the first Galaxy sock. I really like how the fabric is knitting up - it's quite lovely. The blues are very soothing.

My purple Chevron scarf in the hand-dyed purples is nearly finished! There's just a small bit of yarn left to knit. If I really get busy and finish up all my projects for home and work, I may even be able to finish it tonight! I really love the feel of the yarn - it's so soft! You can't go wrong with Merino!

Oh...I FINALLY got the Noni Patterns I've been lusting over - the "Yummy Lunch" (Lunch Bag), the "Oven Mittens", "Three Confections" and "Green Earth" (shopping bag). (There are still a few more that I "need" - "Retro Bag", "Tulip Tote", "Flamenco", Metro", "Lenten Roses", and "Shirley Poppies". They just came in this week at Nature's Yarns.

Next on my agenda - Kool-Aid dye some yarn for my Ravelry Monthly Adventures and ship some off to my swap pal. We only had to dye 50 g. of yarn, but I'm probably going to do 100 g. - at least that way, there would be enough for a small bag of some sort.

After that, my next dyeing project will probably involve some goldenrod. It's that time of year again and the stuff is EVERYWHERE! (Thankfully, I don't suffer from allergies.) I have to research a bit about the dye process, but that will be VERY easy as I got a Navajo and Hopi dye book from my in-laws and a very complete dye book (for wool and cotton) from my friend Lisa. Between the two books, I should be able to come up with an appropriate dye recipe.

Finally, I'll leave you with a "cute animal" shot. It's my dog, Sandy, and her boyfriend, Rooney. Rooney and her are so cute - they always kiss each other if they happen to meet on our walk. Sandy has several other "doggie buddies" in the neighborhood as well....hopefully, I'll get some photos of them as well!


  • At 7:41 PM, Blogger Mia said…

    What, the cake's not lutefisk flavored?? The sock and scarf look great! Happy kool aid dyeing :)

  • At 6:11 PM, OpenID vickiknit said…

    Wow - you got fairly far on your scarf and sock in a short amount of time. Didn't realize you could dye with plants. Shows I have a lot to learn. Love the dog pictures.

  • At 6:56 PM, Blogger K said…


    Also, love the purples on that scarf.


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