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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tour de Fleece....and a Bit of Knitting....and Canning

This past month I did a lot of spinning as part of the team "Peace and Solitude" in the Ravelry Tour de Fleece.   I already posted progress on the Cormo-Silk at the beginning of the month.   As the month progressed, I also spun some grey Jacob, some pink Alpaca, and some purple Alpaca.  All were done two-ply and are relatively thin - about a sport-weight yarn. Total yards spun was a bit over 2,424 yards - some singles are still on a bobbin and on a drop spindle, so I was unable to measure them.

 Here's a photo of all my finished skeins together - including the white Cormo-Silk from earlier this month....both the singles and the plied.

Additionally, I finished the "Everyday Wrap" that I started last month.   I love how it turned out....and the color is fabulous!  (Yeah, I know....it matches the sample at Nature's Yarns.    What can I say?   I saw it there, fell in love with it, and had to make one for myself!)

I also made some Salsa Verde out of tomatillos.  I'd never bought or made anything using tomatillos in the past.   This was a lot of fun and went very quickly.   I cut each tomatillo in half and then roasted them in the over before putting them in the food processor.   It goes great on eggs and on tortilla chips.


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