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Monday, July 23, 2007

Knitting Progress and the "Little Tomato Plants That Could"

A fabulous end to a fabulous weekend! A couple of my friends, Pamela and Jill, and I met up at a local restaurant and spent the entire afternoon on Sunday knitting, chatting, and of course, eating and sipping coffee. I definitely needed some "mindless knitting" so I could concentrate on the conversation, so I decided to start my "Cascading Fuchsia's" felted Noni bag - it's a stockinette stitch base, and then 60 rows of stockinette for the body of the bag - the perfect project so it won't interfere with the chatting! Although we hung out for about 7 hours, I only managed to finish the base and about 20 rows of the body - I was too busy chatting and ogling the other fabulous projects!

I feel like such a lazy bum as both of my friends are making jackets....lots and lots of knitting! Pamela is making the fabulous circular coat out of Berroco Foliage from the Berroco Foliage Pattern book 247. It's absolutely gorgeous - lots of rich blue/turquoise and purples. She's completed the entire border - 620 rows!!! She's also picked up all the stitches along the edge to start working toward the center of the circle. I can't wait to see it when it's finished - it will be BEAUTIFUL! Jill is making a gorgeous jacket in grey moss stitch with lush black edging and button bands. She is almost finished! The main knitting is done.....all that's left is the crocheting of the button bands and then sewing the sleeves. It will be a very elegant and stylish jacket when she's done. We had a wonderful time! I wish every weekend was just like this past weekend!

I did manage to complete 10 rows of Mystery Stole 3 last Friday, but I haven't touched it since! And since this week is a very busy week for me, I doubt I'll get any more completed.

The Little Tomato Plants That Could.....

Here's an update on my tomato plants that had been bludgeoned by hail early in June. It's 1 1/2 months later, and they're doing great! I have tons of tomatoes from the 4 plants...although, some of the tomatoes bear "hail scars". Two of the plants STILL show extreme hail damage....but they're hanging in there and bearing wonderful fruit.

This plant has a branch that's barely hanging on....for all practical purposes, the branch is broken. BUT....it's STILL nourishing the extremities....in spite of the damage, and there are healthy tomatoes growing there in spite of it all (as shown in the photograph on the right - click to enlarge). In the photo on the left, you can really see the branch - and how it is almost severed but is still "hanging on"!

This plant shows severe battering, but as you can see, there are plenty of tomatoes in varying stages of ripening on these branches as well. I just picked a large Roma tomato from the "bundle of tomatoes" on the branch shown - it was GREAT in our salad with dinner! I'm still having a bit of a time with "blossom end rot" on the Romas.....I've added several crumbled egg shells, and the problem has improved, but I'm still losing half of them!


  • At 1:38 PM, Blogger Lindsey said…

    Glad to hear the tomatoes have recovered. We have had weird summer weather, too (alternate weeks of hot and very dry and cool and very wet), which has confused many of my plants, but my tomatoes are growing like crazy. They're all still green, but I think the first few will begin to ripen soon....some of them are huge now! I can't wait. :-) There's nothing better than a fresh tomato...such a difference over the supermarket ones.


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