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Monday, August 25, 2014

Canning Tomatoes and some Blues

What a fabulous weekend! 

I attended another canning workshop in Lovettesville.   This month's focus was on tomatoes:  making tomato sauce, making salsa, and making tomato jam.  This session, just like the last one, was taught by canner extraordinaire, Stephanie!!

Here, you can see the "snacks" that we got to try as well - some Tomato Jam, Bourbon Fig Jam, some pickles, and some fruit butters.  

Due to time constraints, the Tomato Sauce was pre-prepared.   We all worked together to finish both the Salsa and Tomato Jam.   I even got to take home some goodies!   The short jar is 4 oz. of Tomato Jam (boy is that good!).   Then, from left to right - Tomato Sauce and 3 jars of Salsa. 

There may be another workshop in September....I've got my fingers crossed!

We ended the week at Whole Foods listening to a favorite two-man band - Swamp Candy.   The weather was beautiful and the music was awesome!   They play at the Fairfax Whole Foods frequently, so keep an eye on the schedule....they may be back sooner than you think!


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