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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tomatoes and Lutefisk

Friday night, after the spinning class with Galina, I had to harvest all of my tomatoes so they could ripen in the safety of a warm house. We were having the first hard freeze of the season! I couldn't believe it, but my 4 tomato plants were absolutely full of grape and cherry tomatoes as well as a number of blossoms. I couldn't let them go to waste, so I picked all of the somewhat "mature" tomatoes - those that were mature in size anyway! It was sooooo cold! I thought my hands were going to freeze - the temperature was hovering at about 33 degrees, so I harvested these babies "just in time"! Several have already fully ripened and have found their way into late harvest salads.

Saturday I attended the annual Lutefisk dinner at my Sons of Norway Lodge. Once again, the lutefisk was actually quite tasty...and I had seconds! I also got the almond that was hidden in the rice pudding, so I got a little prize - a candle/tea light.

Of course, I had a very full plate (left) - I like most foods, so the amount of food on my plate should be no surprise. DH did much better this year and actually had a relatively full plate (right)- much better than the nearly empty plate he had last year!


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