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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Giant Sock

I've had a lot of fun with the MA group on Ravelry, and our latest project/exchange is no different! We're making Christmas Stockings for each other...and then stuffing them with 24 small gifts - similar to an Advent Calendar.

I chose to do the Two Old Bags "Felted Christmas Stocking" pattern. I must admit, this is the LARGEST sock I've ever knit! The dimensions are:
  • 25" (top of sock to base of foot)
  • 10" (across the leg)
  • 17" (heel to tip of the toe)
It will be felted, so I'm anxious to see how much it felts. I know how Patons yarn felts (very tight) and Cascade 220 (somewhat tight), but I've never felted the Knit Picks "Wool of the Andes".

On Saturday, one of the shop customers had some miniature mittens she'd made. Just for grins, we laid her little mittens out on top of the stocking. Each of the miniature mittens is only 2" long. On top of the stocking, the mittens looked so small! They are absolutely dwarfed!

Speaking of socks, I've finally finished my Austermann socks. Thankfully, they look to be pretty much a perfect match! (That's a good thing - I really don't like "fraternal socks". ) The "striping" has grown on me as I knitted these - at first, I wasn't keen on it. But now, after seeing how they look, I'm quite pleased.

I cast on another pair right away....this time, I'm using a skein of "On Line" in blues, greens, and gold. It appears to be rather stripey, but I think it will be OK.

Oh, I did manage to do some work on my own with my circular sock machine. I had to remove the waste yarn setup that I'd done in class and re-do it. Traveling home with the machine, I'd managed to tangle things up a bit. I did the setup myself and then did about 7 inches of straight knitting to check out the operation of all the needles. I then attempted to start the ribbing. DOH! I forgot to bring the yarn up onto the ribbing needles before I started up again! ARGH! I was so excited about working on it that I "rushed forward" and managed to mess it all up...again! Oh, well. I'll keep at it, and eventually I'll get it down to a science!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet Joanne Seif, the author of "Knit Green". She's a very talented knitter and quite interesting. She has a great way of recounting her adventures so you feel like you we right there with her. She traveled all the way from snow covered Winnipeg,Canada to visit Nature's Yarns to teach a class and sign her latest book. (I have a copy of her previous book, "Fiber Gathering", as well.) Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to spare to take her class, so I'll have to be content with our brief chat and the copy of her book.

Notice that the vest she's sporting is one of the lovely projects that she has included in "Knit Green". She couldn't have chosen a more perfect colorway! I just love the two toned purple! In addition, did you notice something else? She's a leftie like me! How cool is that?

Fall is finally here and the leaves have started to turn. So, in honor of Joanne's visit from Canada, I'm dedicating today's nature picture to her - a colorful maple leaf.


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    Giant sock + mini mittens = super cute.


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