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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Knitting Progress

The "Merging Colors Shawl" is still in time out - I still can't bear to tear back the 10 rows required in order to fix an error. The "Magic Arrow Alpaca Scarf" still remains "nearly finished" as does the second Austermann sock.

However, I have made progress on a new project - a pillow from the book, "Knitter's at Home". I'm making the 12"x16" pillow and using the linen stitch instead of the half-linen stitch that they use in the book. (Closeup of the linen stitch below)

Another modification I made was on the yarn. Instead of a bulky weight yarn, I'm using a worsted weight yarn called Poems. This yarn has nice long color changes similar to that of Noro which makes is perfect for this project. Since I'm using a thinner yarn, I'm knitting the pillow side-to-side and casting on the same number of stitches as the pattern requires for the bottom of the pillow - 65 stitches. It looks like it will be the perfect amount for the 12" needed for the side.
I love how the stripes morph into the next color with just a hint of shading. This has been a rather quick knit and I fully expect to have it completed sometime next weekend.

Other knitting plans - I think I'll be able to finish my Austermann socks and the Magic Arrow scarf by the end of next weekend as well......at least that's my plan!


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