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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thank You Secret Pal!

Wahoo! Yesterday, I received my first Secret Pal package for Secret Pal 14. It was a wonderful package!

My Secret Pal did a fabulous job putting together the perfect package for me. I love everything! There are some Jalapeno sticks (I LOVE spicy food!!!); a planner pad (something I definitely need!); and a notebook where I can put all kinds of stuff about where I live (favorite/nearby stores, restaurants, etc. - I can create a personalized directory of my little corner of the world!) She also included a copy of a pattern that I've been wanting to make - "Eastlake" by Norah Gaughan. She had scoped out my queue on Ravelry....what a sneaky girl!!!! (I've already added it to folder of "Projects-in-Waiting", so it "missed" the photo-op!)

Also included were some very cute "Smoochers" coasters - very cute! There was also a photo mousepad - decorated with sheep AND a very useful 2010 calendar!

The best part of the package is the colorful bit you see in the center of the photo. My pal hand painted some Corriedale roving for me in absolutely stunning colors! Wow! She definitely did her research! The first bundle of roving is in a colorway called "Antique Rose" - a gorgeous dusty pink rose color with golden brown. The second bundle is in a colorway she called "Bejeweled". It's a fabulous blend of many purples (deep blueish-purple all the way to lavender) as well as some mauves, rose, and a hint of red. The colors are fabulous - I can't wait to spin these fibers up!!!

Thank you so much! I feel totally spoiled!


  • At 10:09 AM, Blogger Penny said…

    What a lovely secretpal package you recieved. I love the Corriedale roving she handpainted for you. You sure were lucky with your first package.
    Your hostess


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