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Saturday, August 08, 2009

"Barack Stars"

My friend, Paula, and I ventured downtown Washington, DC to the Woolly Mammoth Theater to see the "The Second City" presentation of "Barack Stars" on Thursday. It was fabulous!

We got downtown quite early and had a lot of time to kill before showtime, so we decided to eat at an interesting Mexican restaurant, Rosa Mexicano which is across the street from the Gallery Place Metro stop - very convenient. We had walked around a bit scoping out restaurants, but kept coming back to this one. The big "lure" was the cart of avocados prominently displayed. Mmmmmm.....guacamole! Homemade guacamole! So, "Rosa Mexicano" won out.

Of course, we had to order some of the guacamole. The waiters prepared it table side and served it with chips. It was delicious and was absolutely worth the price! It's served in a very cute serving dish as well - awesome!

There were so many delicious items on the menu that we decided we would definitely order two different entrees and share them. I'm so glad we did! I ordered Mole de Xico - very good, but extremely filling (below left)! A very flavorful mole sauce covered the two corn tortillas holding the shredded beef. The mole dish was very heavy and I don't think I would have been satisfied with that as my entire dinner. I definitely needed some lighter lighter faire as well. Paula ordered the Tacos al Asador which was fabulous(below right)! We both agreed that the Tacos al Asador was the better of the two....definitely something we'd order again. A bowl of black beans and a bowl of rice accompanied our meals. Conclusion - definitely a place to visit again and hopefully try one of their desserts next time!

We still had quite a bit of time to kill before showtime, so we wandered up through Chinatown. We stopped in front of the Chinatown Express Restaurant at 746 6th St NW. There's a large picture window where you can watch the chef make Chinese noodles - it was fascinating! A woman that has known the proprietor all her life told us about the noodle making process, so we had our own "tour guide" while we watched. It's all done by hand - stretching and re-stretching the dough and then flouring and repeating the process over and over until several strands of the noodles are produced. Our "tour guide" recommended that next time we're in town, we definitely must eat there and we should try the fried noodles. She warned us not to be fooled by the fancy facades that other restaurants have....this is THE BEST place to eat in Chinatown! The prices are extremely reasonable as well!

Finally, it was showtime! The show was absolutely fabulous! We laughed so hard our cheeks hurt by the time intermission came around! The Second City troupe did a fantastic job - cleverly combining wit, criticism, and points to ponder. All in all, it was a fabulous time!

As we left the theater, Paula and I stopped for a photo op with Michelle Obama....or should I say with the wax image of our First Lady!


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