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Monday, August 03, 2009

Ku Ku Dolls and Knitting Progress

I've finally finished the Ku Ku doll! Wahoo!

All stuffed and sewn together......

After adding the hair......

After adding the skirt......

After felting in the washing machine.......

After dry felting the eyes.....

Things to remember for next time:
  1. I'm not satisfied with the eyes - need to work on that in the future. Size/shape, etc.
  2. Of course, I've put the eyes on a bit off-centered as well.
  3. I may want to play around with adding additional features - like a nose or mouth.
  4. Make the hair longer. I used all the yarn for the hair, but after felting, I felt it was a bit too short. Next time, I'll put in fewer strands of hair and make them longer.
Overall, I'd classify this as a success. It's a very quick knit and makes a fabulous gift for any little ones in your life.


  • At 2:43 AM, Blogger LenaL said…

    Oh, what a lovely doll!!!! It's so cute and smart and everything...!


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