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Thursday, March 16, 2006

"Simply Knitting" and my quest for stitch markers

I love the UK knitting magazine, "Simply Knitting". Every month, they provide a knitting related free gift. The magazine comes packaged in plastic wrap with the freebie inside and is available at a number of local book stores. This month, the free gift was a set of 5 beaded stitch markers. I thought, "How cute and useful! I can't wait until the March issue is available.".

I checked locally on Sunday.....the magazine had not yet arrived. While out of town on Tuesday, I checked at another store. Nope.....not there yet.

Wednesday - the magazine is here! I rushed to Barnes and Noble, only to find that they ONLY had the magazine.......it was NOT packaged in the plastic wrap and did NOT include the freebie. I was devastated! I checked at the info desk and they checked in the back. They left a message for the manager.....but I've heard nothing. I checked at another Barnes and Noble....same thing! No plastic packaging.....no freebie. I called Books A Million - they don't even carry it!!!! I'm starting to panic now....I'm running out of bookstores! Must.......get......my.....freebie. Need........stitch......markers! I'm becoming obsessed.

As a last resort, I went to Borders. SUCCESS!!!! I got the last copy! Hopefully, Barnes and Noble will get this mess straightened out.....I don't know if it was the supplier of the magazine who omitted the freebies or if someone at the stores neglected to repackage the magazines with the freebies. I've got my fingers crossed that they'll get this straightened out before next month!

NOTE: Next month, the freebie is not nearly as exciting or useful.....and all the British folks are rather unimpressed with it......a miniature "Loopa" from Sirdar. I probably won't be as obsessed about that freebie. Previous freebies have included knitwear labels, a knitting tips book, a retractable tape measure, a pattern booklet, etc.


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